In the high-tech world of candid photographs, increasingly high resolution images and instantaneous uploads, it has never been more important to look “camera ready.” Photo-editing software may be available on your mobile phone, but you can’t hide in a Google Hangout or on Facetime. Many have seen what the self-facing camera combined with bad angles and lighting can do to a person’s confidence. Set your patients’ fears at ease – there is hope.


If your body was a piece of art, your skin would be the canvas. Having clear and clean skin will be one less thing you have to worry about on those impromptu photos and webcam chats.

Before anything can be done to help your skin on the outside, be sure to be treating your insides with the same care. Learn about some anti-aging ingredients that can help you on a cellular level:

Sometimes you have to spend to get the right product; however, before you shell out big bucks on a “new ingredient” or a “secret” to anti-aging, find out if it’s worth it. Here are some top tips on how to save on beauty products:

Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and facials all help you keep your skin looking fabulous, but if you want to prevent sun spots and wrinkles; you better layer on the sunscreen. A new study finds that those using sunscreen showed 24% less aging than those who don’t:

Facial perception

Bringing your best face forward online sometimes means that there are some problem areas that may need cosmetic help. Looking angry, sad, having deep lines and lack of volume in certain areas can give the wrong idea.

Recent news stories have pointed out a condition called “bitchy resting face,” where some people look angry, sad or disapproving when they’re face is in a neutral resting position. Is your face giving off mixed messages and what can you do about it:

Crow’s feet, bags and dark circles

The eyes speak volumes and they might be asking for help. Find out about some nonsurgical ways to revitalize their look, from drinking the right amount of water to Botox and Filler Injections:


A new study points out that younger people had trouble judging the faces of older adults and thought they had “mixed emotions.” Make sure that your patients are conveying the right emotions:–wrinkles-hard-judge-emotions-1051247

Common issues

Many people think that a plastic surgery procedure is meant to make you look like a different person, but not true. Most want to look like they did years ago or a younger version of their current selves.

Aging gracefully

in today’s world where people are living longer and healthier, we want to match our insides with our outsides. Sometimes, being perceived as younger can give you the energy or confidence to take on the world:

Women in the media are a good indication of how women are judged more harshly than men in the public eye. In politics, a good Facelift, chin implant or neck lift can give you the advantage by taking the attention away from your appearances and bringing the focus back to what’s important: your message.

Patient safety

While social media is pushing the trend to look great in photos and video, it is also a breeding ground for unscrupulous advertising and unlicensed criminals selling illegal products and services. The stories are endless, but see two women’s stories here: