The lift and fill concept of facial rejuvenation has been popularized in recent years. The lift and fill facelift is a term coined in the June 2014 article in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal titled, “Lift and Fill Facelift: Integrating the Fat Compartments,” authored by Dr. R. Rohrich, et al. Essentially, the surgical improvement and reversal of the aging face involves a combination of a facelift along with the addition of volume to the face using a patient’s own harvested fat. This concept is not new and has been used by pioneering surgeons for years with outstanding results.

As the face ages, several things occur. Wrinkles develop from years of facial motion from emotive motion, squinting, speaking, drinking, eating, etc. The skin loses elasticity (tone) from environmental exposure (sun, wind, gravity, time) and genetic predisposition. The face also volume. This volume loss occurs from fat atrophy or shrinkage, and believe it, or not, facial bone resorption. Our facial skeleton actually recedes and becomes smaller with age. When you combine all these factors together, our aging faces develops loose, wrinkly skin, and looks deflated compared to our younger selves. Babies look so cute, because their faces are chubby with tight skin.

When evaluating any prospective facelift patient a clinical assessment determines whether an aging face has skin laxity and/or volume loss. In some cases a facelift alone will significantly improve the contour of the lower face, jawline, and neck. However, in some patient with volume loss and loose skin, a facelift alone may result in an overly pulled appearance. This is where the addition of volume using a patient’s own fat helps to restore lost volume and improve the shape in the areas such as the cheeks, eyes, temples, lips, chin, and lines around the nose and mouth.

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Before and After Facelift Fat transfer