Despite how young you feel on the inside and perhaps in spirit, your skin may be telling a completely different story. It’s our facial expressions over time that slowly start to cause wrinkles and make us look older than we appear. If creams are no longer able to keep fine lines and creases from forming on your skin and the thought of surgery is intimidating, consider Radiesse injections.

Radiesse injections are designed to prevent and eliminate deeply embedded wrinkles in your skin. The treatment deposits a solution of gel and tiny calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres into targeted areas under the wrinkles, where it acts as a support pillar. In addition to the elimination of wrinkles, Radiesse promotes collagen growth while also adding volume to sunken areas of the face.

For more information about Radiesse injections, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Park at his San Diego office. From there, you can set up a private consultation.