There are a number of different factors that may cause women to develop sagging breasts. These factors include pregnancy, significant fluctuations in your weight, and the aging process. Even young girls can develop sagging breasts due to hereditary factors. Fortunately, if you have a problem with the way your breasts look, a breast lift (mastopexy) is a great solution for anyone who wants to correct sagging or droopy breasts.

Often times, problems with the breasts don’t end with excess saggy skin. There are also cases where the size of one’s breasts don’t fit what they want. In cases like these, an augmentation procedure is often combined with a breast lift for a comprehensive improvement in a woman’s bust. A breast augmentation can improve the size of the breasts while a lift can help make them appear perkier and more youthful.

Choosing Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy

A breast lift alone often is not sufficient to achieve the breasts you may desire from the surgery. The procedure involves removing excess, sagging skin and tissue that contribute to the saggy look of the breasts.

At times the level of droopiness is so significant that a lift procedure alone cannot address it effectively. You can definitely have uplifted breasts without augmentation, but the volume loss and the positions of the areola and nipples may still not be ideal.

On the other hand, an augmentation surgery alone won’t completely improve the droopiness in the breasts. Augmentation with implants or fat grafting will only add volume to the breasts to increase their size.

The two procedures complement each other perfectly due to the fact that they offer benefits that will transform your body overall. For some women, a combined procedure may be the ideal solution because you could save time from having two separate procedures and obtain the advantages of both.

Factors to Consider Before the Surgery

You don’t need to decide on a combined procedure on your own if you are not sure about it. You can discuss the procedure and the details involved with an experienced plastic surgeon who has a history of performing the surgery with successful results. You can discuss your concerns and expectations to get a better idea of how the surgery will go.

Your doctor will examine your breasts and medical history and develop a customized solution that will fit your specific needs.

Before you can undergo the surgery, however, you will need to make sure to follow any instructions given to you by your doctor. You will need to be within your ideal weight range, be ready to stop taking certain medications that cause blood thinning, and be ready to stop smoking and drinking for some time before the surgery. This will help limit the chance of complications occurring during the surgery.

It is also recommended that you have realistic expectations. Your results won’t be the same as someone else’s, so it is important to have an open mind about your end result.

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Combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift is the perfect way to finally achieve the beautiful breasts you desire. If you’re interested in learning more about the surgery, contact our office to schedule an appointment with skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Park.