Once rhinoplasty surgery is over, the patient can begin the rhinoplasty recovery process. This phase in the process is often undervalued, but its importance is hard to overstate. Each person heals differently, and the choices they make during this time could be the difference between an expedient recovery and a complicated one.

A nasal splint is worn on the outside of the nose for the first week during rhinoplasty recovery. Sutures, if necessary, are removed after four days. Nasal congestion should be expected for up to two weeks.

If surgical adjustment of the nasal bones is necessary then bruising around the eyes is expected and can last two to three weeks. Swelling varies among patients, and the majority of swelling resolves over the first month. After one month, swelling, although minimal, will still be present and will gradually resolve over the next six to twelve months. Because of this, final results should not be expected until one year after surgery.

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