Many women who choose to undergo a breast augmentation surgery are normally very happy with the results they achieve. However, there can be some circumstances where the patients are not very happy with their new breasts. Sometimes, they may suddenly decide that they want smaller or larger breast implants, or they may want them to be removed altogether. But these are relatively quite simple procedures.

Some procedures that are less common but more complicated are those that involve the actual repositioning of the implants due to the incorrect placement of them during the first surgery. Breast revision, also known as breast implant revision surgery, can help correct implants that weren’t placed properly in the initial surgery. This improper placement or misplacement of the breast implants resulting from the first surgery is what you call a “double bubble.”

There are many kinds of breast revision surgeries or procedures. One such breast revision procedure is to correct the “double bubble.” The “double bubble” is a condition in which one or both of the implants fall below the breasts and droop, giving the look of one bubble that is placed on top of another bubble.

The double bubble happens when the breast implant falls or droops below the inframammary crease. The inframammary crease is the natural fold where the breast meets the chest wall. In the double bubble, the inframammary crease lifts up and away from the chest wall, and the implant will slip down below the inframammary crease. In a lot of cases, the double bubble effect arises due to the false belief that, when it comes to breast implants, “bigger is always better,” which is not the case always.

Breast Revision Surgery

The goal of the breast implant revision surgery is to correct past breast augmentation surgery gone wrong, or replace old breast implants with new implants, or correct conditions like the double bubble effect. Often the goal of breast revision is also to improve or change the appearance of the breasts and/or update the breast implant material, which could include:

  • A concurrent breast reduction or breast lift 
  • Reshaping of the pocket of the breast implant to reposition the breast implant on the chest
  • To either increase or decrease the shape, size, or style of the breast implant

Breast Revision Surgery Will Be Needed Due To Any of The Following Reasons:

  • Desire to change (increase/decrease) the size of the breasts
  • Double bubble
  • Pain from capsular contracture
  • Rupture or migration of the implant
  • Change from saline to silicone, vice versa or a different style of implant

A breast implant revision surgery is a complex procedure that requires the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience performing the procedure. It is not a routine procedure and getting the help of an experienced professional can help you achieve outstanding results.

Patients undergoing the surgery should be in good general health and have no underlying concerns that can cause complications during the surgical process. You should have realistic expectations and be ready to follow any instructions given to you in the time leading up to the surgery and the period of downtime you’ll have after the surgery.

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