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Latisse San Diego

“I rarely wear mascara now.” “I love Latisse. I swear my eyelashes are double my normal length – now if I could just get them to curl!”

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Latisse in San Diego and Oceanside

Latisse Before and After San DiegoWomen go to great lengths to achieve longer eyelashes, paying upwards to $250 every six weeks for eyelash extensions, which can be a lengthy procedure to remove and reapply. What if you could swipe your lashes nightly and double your eyelash fullness and length? It can be done! And that’s what Latisse can do for your lashes. However, you must make a commitment to the nightly regimen.

It takes sixteen weeks to see the full effects and you must be diligent in your nightly application. This cosmetic wonder requires time and patience to work it’s magic. By week eight when you see your longer lashes you will look forward to the evening routine that takes less than a minute to maintain your new eyelash fullness and length!

Call us at North Coast Plastic Surgery to find out how Latisse can save you money and provide you with those luscious lashes that are all yours at any age.

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