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There have been multiple generations of breast implants since their introduction in 1962. Today, there are numerous choices for breast implants from saline to silicone, smooth or textured, round or shaped, to various sizes. The fifth and newest generation of breast implants is known as the “Gummy Bear” breast implants.


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Why Are The Gummy Bear Breast Implants Unique

What makes this type of implant unique is that they are anatomically or teardrop shaped. The unique shape of this breast implant is designed to look like a natural breast. To achieve a teardrop shape, the silicone gel inside this implant is cross-linked to create a highly cohesive and stable, or “form stable” shape. What do these implants feel like? Similar to gummy bear candy, these breast implants are soft and pliable and easily bounce back after applying pressure. They hold their shape over time and have less chance of rippling and capsular contracture compared to saline or silicone implants. If the implant shell breaks, the form of stable silicone gel does not leak or drip out from the surrounding shell. The implant even holds its shape even if the shell is ruptured.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants San Diego

Who Are Good Candidates For Gummy Bear Implants

Anatomic-shaped breast implants are used for both reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery. Gummy bear implants in San Diego are great implants for just about everyone. Women who want larger natural-looking breasts, women in need of breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and women with congenital breast deformities are all good candidates for gummy bear anatomic-shaped breast implants.

“I did a ton of research and looked at a ton of before and afters before deciding to make a consultation with Dr. Park. I came into the consultation prepared with a few reference pictures of what I wanted. Dr. Park looked at my photos, and did my measurements. Immediately after he had known what range of cc’s would best suit me and my goals. He reviewed the entire process of the BA, as well as what he did to minimize the chance of bacterial contamination and discomfort after the surgery. That really made a difference and stood out to me. Also Doctor Park will not let you go bigger than your body can handle. He actually cares about you and your results, and he knows what will suit your body best. You have to trust that you picked a great surgeon who is gentle, caring, and perfectionistic. He wants you to look good as much as you want to look good. I am 9 days out of surgery now and feel great. There was no blood and no visible bruising. It really goes to show how precise and gentle he is during surgery. My results are amazing. Better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Dr. Park.”

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Natural Looking Breasts

Most women want larger, fuller breasts, but would like to avoid looking like they have had a breast augmentation. Rather than having augmented breasts that look like two halves of a ball on their chest, women can achieve natural, perky breast fullness with anatomic-shaped gummy bear breast implants. These implants have a shape that slopes at the upper part of the breasts transitioning to a rounder shape at the lower half of the breasts. This unique shape provides a natural fuller shape that is desired by many women.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Cost

The cost of Gummy Bear breast implants in San Diego varies, because it is a highly individualized surgery tailored for each patient. The overall price may include anesthesia, operating room facilities, new breast implants, and other related expenses. Additional tests and imaging may also add to your total. Contact us for additional information.

The Next Step

Gummy Bear breast implants in San Diego are great implants for the right women. To find out if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation using anatomic tear drop-shaped silicone breast Implants, call us at 760.655.1414 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gregory Park in San Diego. We look forward to helping you in achieving your goals.

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