As we watch our children grow, we’re constantly reminded that time does not stand still. We look back at life to our much simpler, younger days when we were responsible for only ourselves. As teenagers, we were active in summer jobs and sports and could eat as much as and whatever we wanted. We looked good without ever gaining weight. Even in our 20’s, as we started our professional lives, we still found time to stay active, fit and healthy. As we settled down, married, and started our families, our desk jobs, daily stress, and finishing off the leftover food from our children’s plates helped us pack on the pounds year after year. Work, family events, and kids activities took precedence and it became so easy to find excuses to not to go to the gym.

Some of us, however, have tried hard to stay in shape. And, despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, we still can’t seem to regain the past glories of our youth. Sometimes, external factors beyond our control, such as gravity, genetics, expectant mothers eating for two, fathers finishing their kids’ leftovers, and slowing metabolism, created changes in our bodies that no amount of dieting and exercising will reverse. This is where plastic surgery can be the reset button you’ve been looking for to restore your body or face to a more youthful appearance.

We’ve all heard the term “Mommy Makeover.” Personally, I feel that this is a derogatory term that connotes an image that having children is a bad thing that ruins a mother’s body. I know many mothers who, even after having children, are stunningly beautiful. And not to leave out the fathers, another term that is gaining popularity is the “Daddy Makeover.” I think a better term that would address the issues of aging that all of us go through without any gender bias would be the “Midlife Makeover.” The Midlife Makeover is also a term that does not discriminate against those who have never been mothers or fathers, but face the same age related body issues.

The Mommy Makeover

In women, multiple concerns can be addressed with plastic surgery. The top two surgeries in the United States include Liposuction and breast surgery. Many patients report that it’s harder lose inches in their arms, abdomen, back and thighs, despite hitting the gym and following a healthy diet. Liposuction can help to permanently get rid of areas of fat resistant to exercise and dieting. Gravity, age, and/or breast-feeding can create changes to the breasts that can be camouflaged with a good supportive bra. But, if you want deflated or sagging breasts to look good without clothes, improvement can only be achieved with Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Breast Reduction surgery.

The Daddy Makeover

Plastic Surgery is becoming more and more popular among men. Even though they may not admit it, men care about how they look, too. That’s why men now account for nearly 10 percent of procedures, including everything from Rhinoplasty (nose jobs), to Eyelid Lifts, to Facelifts and liposuction. Men, like women, want to look younger. “Brotox,” i.e. Botox has become very popular at our Aesthetic Center. This may be the result of a more competitive job market. Permanent manscaping seems to be a growing trend, as well, which keeps our laser hair removal equipment busy.

The Midlife Makeover

Many of our patients say that the reflection they see in the mirror doesn’t match the youthfulness they feel on the inside. If you feel like it’s time to hit your reset button, a Midlife Makeover may be the answer to regaining the face or body of your younger years.

For more information about Midlife Makeovers, contact us and we’ll would be happy to schedule a consultation with our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Park.