In a study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, nose surgery or rhinoplasty may help patients appear younger.

The Toronto based study presented 53 sets of “before and after” photos of patients who had undergone rhinoplasty surgery at a single institution. Fifty research volunteers were asked to review the photos and estimate the ages of the patients, ranging from 15 to 61 years of age.

After examining the photos, the participating volunteers estimated the average age for the rhinoplasty patients was 1 ½ years younger than the actual age. The study found that the older the patient appeared before surgery, the younger they appeared after.

In addition, a combination of procedures performed during nasal surgery seemed to affect the estimated age. Patients who underwent rhinoplasty to reduce a prominent hump on the bridge of the nose and rotate the tip of the nose upward looked younger than patients who had either nasal hump reduction or tip rotation, alone.

Rhinoplasty may not have as dramatic an effect as a face lift or neck lift, but the study seems to show this nasal surgery can have a positive impact on perceived aged.

The study concludes, “This is the first study to demonstrate a statistically significant decrease in apparent age after rhinoplasty. This decrease in apparent age is an extra positive benefit of rhinoplasty, in addition to an increase in the harmony of facial features and the improvement of overall facial aesthetics.”

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