Overall, the satisfaction rate with the breast augmentation procedure is high, and breast enhancement with implants is a popular procedure for good reason. This high rate of satisfaction is a positive indicator for the not only the surgery process and results but also the breast enhancement recovery process.

For patients who engage in strenuous activity, such as a patient in the military or playing a sport, returning to that activity can usually occur in two to three weeks. Dr. Gregory Park has treated many patients in the military who have been able to return to vigorous activity within two to three weeks.

Patients with a more moderate activity level should expect a shorter breast enhancement recovery time.

Dr. Park will follow up with patients for observation of the implants after surgery. All screening for breast cancer should be managed by the patient’s primary care physician.

The recovery time after under-the-muscle breast implants may be longer in some patients, because the chest muscles are stretched by the breast implants.

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