Welcome to North Coast Plastic Surgery and the office of Dr. Gregory Park, if you are contemplating a breast implant procedure in San Diego, read on for answers to frequently asked questions on different types of breast implants. From the choice between saline and silicone to understanding implant sizes, shapes, and textures, we are here to demystify the process. Join us as we delve into the world of breast implant surgery, including innovative options like silicone “gummy bear” implants and IDEAL saline implants.

How Do I Determine Which Breast Implant is Best for Me?

A consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon experienced in breast implant procedures is necessary, the surgeon will consider breast anatomy, body type, desired size enhancement, lifestyle, expectations, and personal preferences when recommending the type of breast implant to be used.

What Are the Differences Between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants?

Saline and silicone breast implants both have outer shells made of solid rubber silicone. Saline implants contain sterile saltwater, while silicone implants contain a soft, silicone gel.

What Are the Different Options Available for Breast Implants?

Patients have more implant choices than ever, including the type of implant (saline or silicone), implant size, shape, profile, and texture. There are also innovative options like silicone “gummy bear” breast implants and IDEAL saline breast implants.

What Are “Gummy Bear” Implants?

Gummy bear implants, also known as highly cohesive silicone gel implants, are a type of breast implant made from a form-stable silicone gel. This type of breast implant closely mimics the natural shape and feel of breast tissue.

What Are IDEAL Breast Implants?

IDEAL saline breast implants have multiple inner shells, the structured design helps distribute the saline evenly within the implant, mimicking the feel of natural breast tissue.

How Are the Sizes of Breast Implants Measured?

Breast implant sizes vary by the amount of saline or silicone filler within the implant. In addition to volume, other factors like shape, profile, and texture also play a role in the result.

What Are the Different Features of Breast Implants to Consider?

You can choose between smooth or textured implant shells, round or anatomic (teardrop) shapes, and various projection profiles (low, medium, high, or ultra-high). The diameter or width of the implant is another aspect to consider when tailoring your breast augmentation.

Is There an Age Restriction for Breast Implant Surgery?

The FDA approves saline implants for augmentation in women aged 18 years and older. For silicone breast implants, the recommended age is 22 years and older. However, younger women may be candidates for breast reconstruction.

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