Breast Reduction Before and AftersMost women have moved on from those uncomfortable middle school memories and the changes our bodies go through during the stages of puberty. The breasts painfully bud and hormones begin to alter our chemistry. As our body develops and grows, so too comes body changes that make life more stressful and cumbersome such as acne, menses, significant weight changes, and or increasingly larger breasts.

While some envy the women with naturally endowed breasts, the experience can be anything but sexy and comfortable. Larger breasts can bring all sorts of debilitations such as significant back pain, inhibited cardiovascular exercise, misaligned posture, self-consciousness or negative body image, gouges and red marks in the shoulders from bra straps, and or improperly fitted clothing. A surgical breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is the 5th most commonly performed cosmetic surgery says the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is the answer to women seeking help.

Scores of these larger breasted women have complained of the pendulous shape, the inhibiting weight, or the constant unwanted attention to the chest unless hidden in misshaped, poorly fitted clothing. To rid the body frame of these undesirable heavily, weighted breasts by means of a breast reduction might be surgically sufficient to meet one’s aesthetic goals. For others, opting for an areolar or nipple reduction and or liposuction to the sides might be the winning combination.

It’s important to be your own educated advocate as a cosmetic surgical patient. It takes time and patience. There are endless blogs on the internet today of detailed accounts of what women experience from the moment they decide to be surgically proactive, to their consultations with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in search for the one that shares their ideal aesthetics for a breast reduction. And, let’s be honest. there is a look each individual is hoping to achieve. Some ladies want that full volume teardrop shaped breast without the weight while some ladies have such a disdain for their breasts that they just want them gone.

A consultation should educate you on what your anatomy is a candidate for, answer all your questions, prepare you for what to expect post-operatively, discuss optimizing your scar healing, and all your options that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The ultimate is goal in most breast reduction cases are relief in chronic pain symptoms and smaller, perkier, lifted breasts.

Make an appointment today with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Park, and experience a consultation that will relieve your fears and the weight off your chest.

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