Do you ever wish you could have thicker eyelashes? Eyelashes that are fuller, longer, deeper in color, and more aesthetically pleasing? With Latisse, the only FDA-approved treatment for eyelash growth, you can have the eyelashes of your dreams!

The Origins of Latisse

The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, was not originally intended for eyelash growth when it was developed. Instead, bimatoprost was developed to treat glaucoma in the form of prescription eye drops. Eyelash growth was an unintended positive side effect of the medication.

Latisse was developed and manufactured in response to the properties of bimatoprost. Latisse is also the only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for eyelash rejuvenation.

According to existing research, Latisse is believed to have an impact on the growth (anagen) phase of eyelash hairs in multiple ways through yet-to-be understood mechanisms. Latisse increases the growth phase of the eyelashes and the number of hairs that grow on each eyelash.

Instructions for Use

A single drop of Latisse should be administered on each upper eyelid once per night, right above the lash line. Your face should be completely clean and makeup free before application. You should remove your contact lenses as well. The solution should not be applied to your lower eyelid or inside your eye.

You should be using disposable sterile applicators that need to be discarded after one use, so you will need a minimum of two applicators for daily usage. This should be done to prevent any possible contamination. Reusing applicators even after one use could lead to infections and allergic reactions. Be very careful with Latisse, as it can promote hair growth on other areas of the skin that it makes contact with.

If you wear contacts, you can reinsert them into your eyes about 15 to 20 minutes after administration. If Latisse gets into your eyes, it is unlikely to cause any harm, as it is an ophthalmic product. However, do not rinse your eyes in this situation. If any disturbances persist, you should visit your doctor.

The time Latisse takes to display its effects depends on the individual using it, but most people can expect to see results within four weeks. After around 12 to 16 weeks of continuous daily application, you will see the incredible effects that Latisse can have on your eyelash growth.

Are You a Good Candidate for Latisse?

Before moving forward with Latisse, you should consult your doctor, especially if you have a history of eye-pressure problems, to ensure that you are a good candidate. Although Latisse is one of safest eyelash lengtheners, it is not suitable for all.

You might not be eligible for Latisse if you have eye issues such as conjunctivitis and uveitis or if you have a high degree of risk for macular edema. If your upper eyelids are severely infected, you are unlikely to be a candidate. Pregnant women are not eligible, and nursing mothers are also advised to wait.

Find Out More

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