There are different techniques for performing the liposuction procedure. There’s traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction, and even laser lipo. However, a few other approaches to liposuction could deliver better results with specific patients and the right target spots. One such procedure is the super-wet liposuction.

What is Super-Wet Liposuction?

Surgeons used to perform a procedure called dry liposuction where no tumescent fluid was injected into the treatment area for breaking up the fat cells. But the lack of fluid increased the risk of blood loss.

Reactively, tumescent liposuction was formed as a technique using tumescent liquids to offset blood loss, numb treatment spots, and dilute all fat cells before they get removed. Super-wet liposuction involves the same steps as tumescent lipo, but with more tumescent solution.

The term tumescent liposuction comes from the solution being injected into the treatment area to break up the fat cells. Other types of liposuction that do not include the solution are considered risky.

Super-wet liposuction is similar to wet liposuction. The key difference being how much anesthesia is put in the saline solution injected to break down fat cells. During super-wet liposuction procedures, surgeons need not wait for swelling thanks to the tumescent solution.

Super-wet liposuction possesses the same benefits as wet liposuction. These benefits include minimal bleeding, bruising and swelling. Post-operative pain is much less painful compared to traditional liposuction as well.

Thanks to the similarities, patients could engage in light activity. However, recovery time could last several weeks due to the incision taking time to heal. The treatment spot would need to be wrapped in bandages until the incision starts healing.

The procedure’s recovery time takes much less time compared to traditional liposuction methods on account of less complications. The technique is performed on a patient who has specific parts of the body not responding to a fixed diet or an exercise routine. Patients can select where on the body they wish to see less fat. Upon the fat being removed through the procedure, the patient is able to maintain a new look without exercise and diet.

The Benefits Of Lipo Using Tumescent Fluid

Using tumescent fluid, which is a combination of lidocaine and epinephrine, the treatment offers the patient several benefits. Firstly, as the tumescent fluid acts as a local anesthetic and numbs the treatment area. Second, the tumescent solution shrinks your blood capillaries, thereby reducing blood loss. This makes lipo procedures using tumescent fluid one of the safest options available.

Why the Surgeon Should Be Skilful

With a few liposuction techniques offering certain advantages over others, the key factor behind achieving the best liposuction results lies with an experienced surgeon. This is because the major risk to patients getting treatments is the untimely removal of excess fluids that could collect in the lungs.

The liposuction demands their expertise in terms of which approach leads to your desired results in the most effective and safest manner possible. Take your time in finding the most experienced plastic surgeon. This is the best step forward you could take towards your ideal body.

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